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Monitor traffic statistics

Each Tiny URL has its own page for viewing traffic stats. No link to remember and no registration required, but you need to check mark "Log stats for this URL" when you create it. To bring up the stats page just add a tilde sign to the end of the Tiny URL and submit it in your browser's address bar . Follow the format of this example:
Stats are logged by default for registered users. Basic stats are publicly accessible for any URL with our tilde system; but user info and other associated links are always kept private. Registered users have option of setting their stats pages to private. When set to private they can only be viewed if logged in. Our stats collection and storage system has changed. Usually you will see a data discrepancy between raw click count (total/uniques) and charts. See Tools for more details about stats pages and link metrics. If you need a higher level of click reporting try our subscription service at
Did your web page URL change? Tiny lets you modify or change URLs anytime. Click "Edit" to update either the long or tiny portion of the link. NOTE: if you tested your updated URL and the destination seems unchanged it is probably due to your browser's cache. Your browser takes shortcuts to perform faster. Rather than check the site to verify if anything with the link has changed since its last use - the browser assumes it has not... grabs a previously written copy and redirects using your computer's local storage - bypassing servers (and incidently bypassing stats collection). In other words the link works fine for others who click it, but just currently not for you, until you clear your cache. Try clearing your browser cache and cookies

Make a custom URL

If nothing is entered into customurl box, the default tiny url created will be 6 random characters. But you have the option of entering chosen characters or a keyword into this box to give the URL an alias or nickname (alpha-numeric characters, underscores, and dashes are allowed). Example, you are shortening a news article link and to make it easy to remember you enter "BBCnews" into the customurl box after pasting the long news article address into the box above it. The URL that results is
• Custom URLs are case-sensitive - if you make it with capital letters it must be used with capitals. If you duplicate a custom URL (using same characters, but with case differences only) and it appears to have not worked; it may be due to earlier link testing that you did with your browser. See browser cache details above under Edit Links.
NOTE: there is a 25 character length limit for any custom URL... go beyond that and your link will not work as you expected. It will be cut-off at 25 characters!
Custom domains are an option for replacing with your own private domain.

Use your own domain

Short URLs on a custom domain can be a great way to promote your name, brand or website. Tinycc offers a number of custom domain options. More about URL shortener with custom domains.
Public platforms like not able to handle your volume? Bitly too expensive? Need custom features? Ask about about white-label or private-label services like our high volume URL shortening platforms that include customized features. The basic branded domains service starts at $5/month. Let us handle your system admin, maintenance and management details. Find out more about Enterprise link shortening services.
Concerned about blindly clicking a Tiny URL due to chance of it hiding a virus, spyware or otherwise offensive material? Just add an equal sign to the end of any short URL... as in this example:  A preview page lets you safely see the address of that destination in its full, expanded form before actually visiting the site. Still unsure? Click "scan this link for malware first" button to see real-time results of nine different types of possible threats.


Accounts store copies of your links. If you Tiny'd something but forgot to login first - it's not too late to claim it. As long as URLs are still on the Tiny home page (in Recent URLs area), a login will pull them into your account. After login, click "Manage" button at upper right to see your list of links.
• Trouble with login? Try clearing your browser cache and cookies Also remember that username is different than your email address. Email is not used for login and usernames are case-sensitive. Your computer's anti-virus/firewall can also stop login. If you use Bitdefender make sure to whitelist
• To reset password (click in upper right corner). To change your password or update your email address click "Account Settings" on manage page. To log out of your account click in upper right corner. Usernames can't be changed.
• Current limits are 500 URLs per account, but you can have this increased. Also, if you generated lots of one-time useage, "disposable URLs" that can now be recycled - we can do a bulk removal for you. .

QR Codes

QR Codes (mobile barcodes) are links that a mobile phone can recognize and automatically click on. Any regular URL can be changed into a mobile URL. To generate a QR Code from a newly made Tiny URL - click Get QR on home page (Recent URLs) or alternately, append /qr to any previously made URL. Tiny QR Codes are dynamic, meaning you can change the QR landing page anytime after the QR Code has been printed or distributed simply by editing of the destination URL from your account. For example generate qr codes for business cards.
• Manage all of your QR's right in your account and tell at a glance which URLs are being used in QR Codes. Click Tag tab and check box next to "Mark this URL as a QR Code", then click Update Note. This puts a QR icon in your link list - making it a snap to identify the QR Code URLs in your account.
• Our default QR is 150px. Need a larger one? Click the "Print QR" button to get 500px. It will print out at 500 px or you can also cancel the print and Save Image As...
• You can switch the error correction level between L (7%), Q (25%), H (30%). L is the default and lowest dots per inch (DPI). For business cards and most other situations L will work fine. For customizing you will need a higher level of error correction. See Tools for more details about customizing QR codes with images or text.


This is a click statistic that tells you exactly where your traffic came from. No more guess work. Your account will display a top 10 list of websites where visitors found and clicked your Tiny links.
Not seeing referrers for your tiny URLs? This option is available only to registered users and you must enable referrer tracking before it will function. To enable or disable referrer tracking go to your account manage page under "Account Settings"

Traffic filter

Is your marketing campaign meant for certain languages or otherwise geotargeted? This means you might be wasting autoresponder resources, losing affiliate sales or time spent weeding out prospects. Decide who sees your link by adding customized web filtering. Traffic filter doesn't give you any extra clicks then your promotions normally generate, it simply changes who is allowed to click-through your links.Login to apply a custom traffic filter to any of your links.
Example 1: marketing aimed exclusively at users of mobile devices in the United Kingdom. The easiest filter set-up would be: checkbox "GB" under locations, "Mobile" under operating systems and "Include Only" - then click Add filter.
Example 2: prevent traffic from China and France from clicking your link. Rather than marking all countries except CN and FR... simply checkbox CN, FR and "Block" - then click Add filter.


A searchable label feature is available for managing and archiving URLs. The complete, long URL can always be seen on Manage page by mousing over it, but for times when that is not enough, use Tags and add a short comment to serve as an additional reminder. The tag icon will appear darker if URL contains a label or note and mouse-over will display its content. In addition it is integrated with Search, so you could add a special tag to effectively group URLs into folders. Doing a search for that label will then return all the URLs in that group. See "Search your account" below.
The latest link that you make will be found at the top of the list when you login to Manage. Looking back for a specific URL and don't want to dig through every link in your account? No problem, just do a quick search. If you can remember something about the original long (destination) URL just type it into the search box. Tags will also be searched at the same time, so be aware that your results can possibly have a mixture of terms from both the long part of URLs and Tags. If you are trying to group URLs, an easy way to keep them separated and avoid confusing results is by using unusual tags (in other words unique terms that are unlikely to be found in any of your links). is a member of 301works for 3rd party, long-term archiving of our shortened URLs. Questions about link privacy and links appearing search results? See Search Engines and Link Indexing for details.

Export your links and click stats

Need a hardcopy, printout, or Excel spreadsheet version? When downloading links using CSV icon at the bottom of your account manage page it includes the short and long URLs only. Clicks stats for a specific short URL can be downloaded from its stats page by clicking the export link located below charts. It includes total clicks and clicks / month.

Browser bookmarklet

Have instant access to one-click link shortening anywhere you go on the internet! See Tools for details.

Subdirectory forwarding supports parameter pass through and can be re-pointed to any page on a website by appending slash and filename - making one tiny able to serve multiple purposes. For example your home page: --is-->  and you sometimes need links for and Instead of creating two other links you can just append the basic one: or (or to any other page on your site). Note this only works for the 1st level. You can't use two slashes and forward to a 2nd level such as
Facebook automatically adds a bit of code to links used with apps or for other postings: ( ?ref=... ) These are "referral tags" and have proven tricky with short URLs in the past. But no worries, will handle them correctly.
One click to email or send to your favorite website. Roll your mouse over "Share" and a list of choices will pop-up, click the one you want or search if you don't see it (after that it remembers your favorites). One click will send the Tiny URL to your chosen site or email client. Note: Twitter forces re-writing and replacing of all URLs posted to use (their own default shortener). Some or all of the original URL will be shown in the tweet, but the actual hyperlink will always go through